Olimágina Extra Virgin Olive Oil Early Harvest 2018 wins GOLD in the New York International Olive Oil Competition, 2019 (NYIOCC) ...

17 May 2019

Olimágina Extra Virgin Olive Oil has won GOLD in the New York International Olive Oil Competition, 2019. It is world recognition for the love and dedication that has gone into making Olimágina Extra Virgin Olive Oil a taste and texture sensation.

Olimágina Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a single source, single variety luxury eating olive oil produced from Picual olives, located on seven hectares of prime privately-owned mountainous land in the village of Arbuniel in the province of Jaén in Southern Spain. Located at 400 metres above sea level, the olive groves produce fruit that is robust in nature, packed full of the deepest, richest flavour.

The relatively small area of olive groves and the producer's steadfast refusal to buy-in olives from elsewhere as is common practice, results in an annual production that is highly limited. The objective is only to produce the most natural, cohesive and refined oil in the same way that the world's most prestigious winemakers treat and produce their most superior wines.

Olive oil has widely been accepted as one of the corner stones of healthy living in the Mediterranean and this is partly due to the level of polyphenols contained in the oil. Polyphenols are a naturally occurring compound found in olives that are high in anti-oxidant properties and, amongst other health benefits, help to prevent the creation of arterial-blocking plaque caused by the oxidisation of bad LDL cholesterol. Olimágina Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been tested extensively and contains one of the highest levels of polyphenols ever seen in an oil, due to the hand production techniques and lack of extensive processing.

The tasting profile of Olimágina Extra Virgin Olive Oil is clean and mid-weight, with an abundance of fruit at first, followed by a natural mellowing and richness of olive mid-palette. The finish is supremely smooth and long, without any hint of acrid acidity.

Available now from UK exclusive distributors Hobros Limited (www.hobros.uk) and specialist retailers in 500ml glass bottles or 1 litre tins.

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