Hobros Limited launches Deluxe Chilli Sauce with Scallops

1 February 2019

Taking inspiration from old family recipes, the Hobros Deluxe Chilli Sauce with Scallops is a superior condiment in the vein of the famous 'XO' sauces of Hong Kong. Eschewing the typical use of artificial and additional flavour enhancers such as MSG (mono-sodium glutamate), the Hobros product uses only natural ingredients including dried scallops, multiple varieties of chilli, onion, garlic and pork to create a powerhouse medium-hot sauce with complexity, punchy flavours and a long aftertaste. Great for dipping and adding to fried rice or noodles.

Available now from UK exclusive distributors Hobros Limited (www.hobros.uk) and specialist retailers in a net 165g glass jar.

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